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How To Floor an Attic Quickly


How To Floor an Attic Quickly Photo © Metro Products
Before you start using your attic for storage, you may want to think about how to floor an attic. Moving around in a floorless attic can be difficult, and even a little dangerous. Strong and durable attic floors have traditionally been built with plywood or solid-wood planks, but all that cutting and hauling around is a chore. Here is a much easier solution.

Attic Dek panels offer a simple means to create a strong attic floor surface in attics with joists spaced 16 or 24 inches on center. The lightweight, interlocking panels are attached to joists with 2-inch screws, and the company claims each panel will support up to 250 pounds.

A pack of eight 16-inch square panels covers 14 square feet and costs about $45, or $3.20 per square foot. That’s considerably more than the cost of plywood or wood planks, but installation is quicker. A four-pack of 24-inch by 16-inch panels will provide 10 square feet of flooring and also costs about $45.

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