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Quick Guide To Wooden Garage Doors


Quick Guide To Wooden Garage Doors Photo © Jeff Beneke
Garage doors today are made out of many different materials (click here for information on other garage door materials), but wooden garage doors were the first choice available, and for many they remain the best choice. If traditional styling (click here for a rundown of garage door styles) is what you are looking for, then wood is really the only material you need to consider.

Before you start shopping for wooden garage doors, however, give some thoughts to these pros and cons:

  • Wooden garage doors tend to cost more than steel doors.
  • Wood, being a natural material, is prone to damage from the elements. This process can be minimized, however, if you take good care of your wooden garage door (see Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips).
  • Wooden garage doors are heavier than most other types of garage door. With today's garage door openers, however, most homeowners rarely have to bother raising the door themselves.
  • Wooden garage doors are strong and secure, and they are better insulators than other materials. The insulation qualities of any garage door can be improved, though, by weatherstripping and adding a garage door seal.
  • Wooden garage doors are either painted or stained. Both types of finishes need to be renewed from time to time, but this is a job that most handy DIYers can handle themselves.

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