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Understanding Garage Door Styles


Just as there are many different house styles, there are also a variety of garage door styles. And, since garage doors can cover one-third or more of the facade of newer homes, they can easily become the single most noticed feature from the street. So, when it comes time for a new or replacement door, it certainly makes sense to find a garage door style that fits well with your home. Here is a brief outline of the common garage door styles available from home improvement stores and garage door dealers.

Traditional Doors

Leading manufacturers offer garage door styles that complement major American (Cape, Colonial, Victorian, Ranch, Craftsman) and European (French Country, Spanish, Mediterranean, Tudor) house styles. You can usually find a suitable style in the material and with the features you would find on other styles.

Carriage Doors

Carriage-style garage doors are very popular choices for a variety of house styles. They generally replicate the look of doors found on old carriage houses, but they are not out of place on many contemporary homes. Traditional carriage doors swung open, but you can find newer models that fold open while maintaining look of swing door.

Raised-Panel Doors

One of the most common carage door styles is the raised panel. Raised-panel garage doors have really become the standard, the style most people think of when they think of garage doors. That popularity ensures that you can find raised-panel doors in all materials and with a full list of garage door options from which to choose.

Contemporary Doors

Matching house styles with garage door styles is perhaps never more important than with contemporary designs. A modern house design that features clean lines and high-tech materials should include a similar type of garage door. Doors with tempered glass panels (clear, frosted or tinted) encased in painted aluminum frames are one popular choice.


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