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Closet Storage Ideas

Most closet storage is limited to a shelf and a rod. The result is an inefficient use of space. Find out how you can easily and inexpensively add usable storage space to a closet, while simultaneously making it easier to find what you have stored there.

Get Cash for Clothes at Consignment Stores
Tips on how to get the most cash for your clothing from consignment stores.

New Rules for Closet Lights
Rules for choosing and installing safe, convenient lights for your closets.

How To Install Cedar Closet Liners
Instructions for installing cedar closet liners.

Top Choices in Closet Organizers
What you need to know before choosing a closet organizer.

Quick Tips for Closet Design
Here are some tips that will help you design the perfect closet for your needs.

Get Organized with the SPARE Closet System
A quick and effective approach to planning a closet makeover.

Planning a Closet Storage System
Clothing dimensions that you should use when designing a closet storage system for clothes.

Buy Cedar Closet Linings
Creating your own cedar closet is a simple do-it-yourself project. Here are tips on how to choose the best lining material for your needs.

Buy Closet Lighting
Good lighting makes a closet much more convenient, but closet lights can also be fire hazards. Here are some tips on safely lighting your closets.

Add Storage By Raising Closet Rods
Learn how to add several square feet of storage to your closets by simply moving the closet rod up.

4 Great Bedroom Storage Ideas
Make better use of bedroom storage potential by following these handy tips.

Your Guide To Finding Cheap Storage Around the House
Spend less and store more with these handy suggestions for finding low-cost storage spots in your house.

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