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Before You Buy Cedar Closet Linings


Cedar closets may or may not deserve the reputation they have for repelling moths, roaches and silverfish, but there is no denying that they smell good. That familiar scent may mask the smell of wool, which is how it could deter (rather than repel) moths.

Turning your closet into a cedar closet is a simple do-it-yourself project that can easily be completed in a day or two. Three types of products are available for the purpose.

Waferboard Panels

This is the least expensive option, and also the least attractive. The panels are 1/4-inch thick and are available in 4 x 8 foot and 16 x 48 inch sheets. Installation is very simple; the panels can be either nailed to the wall or attached with adhesive. A large panel costs about $25, which means that you could cover a typical 8-foot-wide closet for just $75 in panel costs. You probably would only want to use these panels in a closet where appearance was not a major concern.

Solid-Wood Planks

Solid-wood cedar planks come in kits for closet installation. They create a much more attractive closet than waferboard panels. The 1/4-inch thick planks have tongue-and-groove edges that make for a quick, strong installation. Attach the planks to the wall with nails. Plan to spend about $2 per square foot for the planks.

Plywood Panels

Plywood with cedar veneer installs as easily as the waferboard panels, but looks more like real wood. This product can be harder to find than the previous two products. Check with a local lumberyard or plywood distributor. The panels are installed with nails or adhesive, and the cost will midway between the other two options.
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