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Choosing the Right Drywall Tape


Choosing the Right Drywall Tape Drywall tape: paper (left) and fiberglass-mesh (right)
Drywall tape is used to help cover and seal joints between sheets of drywall. It is commonly available in rolls of paper or fiberglass. Each type has advantages, and you might want to have both on hand for a big job. Paper tape is the least expensive, and it has a crease formed down the middle to facilitate taping corners. It is the best choice for untapered joints and corners.

Fiberglass-mesh tape is easier to use, as it doesn’t have to be embedded in joint compound like paper tape. It can be applied to the drywall first, then covered with compound. Fiberglass-mesh tape is good for tapered joints and patching holes, but it is tough to use in corners. Self-adhesive fiberglass-mesh tape can be pressed into place quickly.

Both types can be cut with the edge of a taping knife, trowel or a utility knife.

Photo © Jeff Beneke

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