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Tips on Installing Drywall When Working Alone
The best way to install drywall is to have some help (one helper is sufficient for walls, but two helpers are ideal for ceilings). Sometimes, however, the work just can’t wait for the help to arrive. When you face the prospect of hanging drywall by yourself, here are some tips that will make the job more manageable.

  • Rent a drywall lift. A drywall lift can hold a panel in place against the ceiling or against the wall, freeing both of your hands to easily drive screws.

  • Make your own lift. Homemade braces are not quite as effective as a lift, but they are quick to assemble and cheap. Make a brace by attaching a 4-foot-long 2x4 to a full-length 2x4 leg. The T-shaped brace should be about an inch longer than the height of the ceiling. Make two of them.

    Rest the brace against the wall at a slight angle, then rest one end of a drywall panel on the brace while you lift the other end into place. Slide the second brace under the other end of the panel as you lift it into place. Adjust the panel and braces until the panel is properly aligned.

    If you are working with one helper, consider making a single brace to serve as an extra set of hands.

  • Give it a rest. When installing top panels on a wall, you might find it easier to handle the panel by resting it on screws driven temporarily into the studs about 50 inches below the ceiling. Lift the panel into place on the screws, then quickly grab your screwgun or drill in one hand while sliding the panel up with your other hand and shoulder.

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