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Shelving & Storage Basics

Learn how to buy, build and install shelving and storage units for every room in the house. Install simple bookcases or see how to build your own attractive wood units. Get tips on buying storage containers, buying and installing cabinets, installing coat hooks and working with pegboard and special hardware for storing tools.

Creating a Recycling Center That's Right for Your Home
Creating a household recycling center that fits your needs.

How to Prevent Sticky Shelves
Shelves often remain sticky long after they have been painted. Learn how to get rid of sticking shelves once and for all

Hanging Shelves with Standards and Brackets
Installing shelves with standards and brackets attached to the wall

Top Ten Overlooked Storage Spaces
Storage happens. Unfortunately, most often it happens without a plan. We stash something where there's an empty spot, then pile something else on top of it, and so on, until one day we've forgotten where we put any of it. And, in the meantime, the pile has grown big enough to cause problems of its own.

How To Create a Quick and Inexpensive Coat Rack
If you need a place to hang coats, but don't have the money or space for a freestanding coat rack, use coat hooks to create a quick and inexpensive solution.

4 Great Bedroom Storage Ideas
Make better use of bedroom storage potential by following these handy tips.

4 Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas
Tips on how to find extra storage in your bathroom.

Simple Ideas for Adding Bathroom Shelves
Bathroom storage is almost always a problem. Here are some tips on making maximum use of your bathroom storage potential.

Your Guide To Finding Cheap Storage Around the House
Spend less and store more with these handy suggestions for finding low-cost storage spots in your house.

2 Tips on Finding Extra Storage
Looking for a quick and easy way to create some extra storage? Here are two ways to find temporary housing for your belongings.

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