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Working with Contractors

Learn how to decide when you need to find a professional to help with your garage and storage space needs. Gain insight into how to find the best contractors and subcontractors, what to ask them, how to check their references and what to expect from the process. See how you can negotiate the best price and finance the project.

What is a building code?
Here is a list of the major building codes that localities use to establish individual codes.

What kinds of building permits are there?
Depending on your project, you may need several types of building permits. Here are the different kinds of permits.

How do I find the building department?
Local building departments operate under a variety of different names. Find out how to locate your building department.

Who is responsible for getting a building permit?
Find out who is responsible for obtaining a building permit.

What do I have to do with a building permit?
Make sure that you know what to do with a building permit after receiving it.

How long will I have to wait to get a building permit?
Find out how long you can expect to wait to get a building permit.

How long is a building permit valid?
Learn how long your building permit will remain valid.

How do I get a building permit?
A brief explanation of how a homeowner can obtain a building permit.

When do I need a building permit?
An explanation of when you might need a building permit.

What is a building permit?
An explanation of building permits -- what they are and why you may need one.

Hire a Good Contractor
Detailed tips on how to find a hire a contractor for a home remodeling or construction job.

How To Find the Best Garage Door Installers and Repairmen
Tips on how to find good professional garage door installers and repairmen.

How To Choose a Good Kitchen Designer
Tips on how to find a kitchen design professional who will offer useful help in selecting new kitchen cabinets.

Credit Cards from Home Improvement Stores
Lowe's and Home Depot offer credit cards that can be beneficial to consumers contemplating home improvement projects.

Pros and Cons of an Asphalt Driveway
If you are considering an asphalt driveway, here are answers to the most important questions you need to ask.

Keep Driveway Cost to a Minimum with Loose Materials
Find out how to save money on a new or replacement driveway using loose materials.

How To Choose the Right Driveway Pavers
Learn how to choose the right type of paver for your driveway.

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